Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Minced chicken, mushrooms, scallions, and garlic. Served on a bed of spinach with romaine lettuce cups and mustard vinegar sauce. 750 cal 

Crab Rangoons

Handmade rangoons with 100% blue crab claw meat, cream cheese, scallions, cabbage and onions. Served with sweet chili sauce. 700 cal

$2.39 - $6.99
Vegetable Potstickers

Crispy or steamed dumplings filled with water chestnuts, carrots, vermicelli noodles, spinach, lemongrass and mushrooms. Served with citrus ponzu sauce. 70-110/200-300 cal 

$2.39 - $6.99
Pork Potstickers

Crispy or steamed pork dumplings. Served with our house potsticker sauce. 140-200/410-530 cal 

$2.39 - $6.99

Served steamed and salted. Ask for Sriracha for a spicy kick. 100/200 cal 

$2.39 - $4.29
Pork Egg Rolls

Crispy egg rolls filled with pork and vegetables. Served with sweet chili sauce. 290/860 cal

$2.39 - $7.19
Egg Drop Soup

Chicken broth, scallion, white pepper, simmered egg.
70 cal  

$2.39 - $4.29
Wonton Soup

Chicken broth, steamed pork wontons, carrot, and scallions. 35-110 cal 

$2.39 - $4.29
House Salad

Romaine hearts and spinach with carrots, cucumber, herb mix, and wonton chips. Dressings: Ginger Sesame, Ponzu, and Thai Peanut. 

$2.39 - $5.99
Thai Coconut Soup
$2.39 - $4.29

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