Mama's Signatures - Serves 5

Mama's Signatures

Jalapeno Brisket Fried Rice

A taste of Texas, Fried rice mixed with smoked brisket, charred onions, jalapenos and mushrooms. Spiced up with Cholula green pepper sauce. 760 cal GF

Black Garlic Green Bean

Wok-seared protein of your choice, green beans, baby corn, and onions tossed with Chinese brown sauce. Topped with a smoky-sweet black garlic aioli. 700 cal GF

Drunken Noodles

The national hangover dish of Thailand. These spicy noodles are sure to help you sweat out any toxins. Rice noodles seared with shrimp in an oyster sauce with Thai dragon chilies, garlic, baby corn, carrots, onions, bok choy, and scallions. 610 cal 

Fried Riced Cauliflower

Mama’s low carb version of fried rice, made with riced cauliflower, house stir-fry sauce, egg, broccoli, bean sprouts, carrots, and scallions.
400 cal GF/V

Spicy Seoul Stir Fry

Powered by the Korean chili paste Gochujang, this dish will slow-burn it's way to your heart. Crispy fried steak with mushrooms, cabbage, onion, red bell pepper, and bean sprouts, topped with cucumbers & kimchi. Served with your choice of white or brown rice. 
750 cal  


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